Speaking of wall panels, they are divided into indoor and outdoor. There are also many materials for outdoor wall panels, such as wood, cement, and aluminum alloy. What kind of material is the WPC wall that is popular in Europe and America recently? WPC is the abbreviation of the first letter of wood plastic composite, so it is a composite material. The characteristics of this material are better than pure wood material or plastic material. It is a combination of wood powder and plastic. This wallboard can be Manufactured in different sizes and styles through molds.

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Wood plastic Wall panel is a kind of wood and plastic as the base material, after stirring and mixing evenly, it is made by heating and extruding through the mold. This is a high-tech new decorative material, which is green and environmentally friendly. It has the dual performance and characteristics of wood and plastic. It is a new composite material that can replace wood and plastic.

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WPC wall claddingitself is a superior material, even non-perishable, which is inferior to many wood products.In real life, we can often see these decorative buildings such as wooden wall panels. Since the performance of WPC is better than that of ordinary wood, wood-plastic wall panels can also be used outdoors.

2022世界杯b组material is waterproof and anticorrosive, You don’t worry too much about the damage to the decoration in rainy weather when you use WPC wall cladding .WPC wall claddings are formaldehyde-free and environmentally friendly.The color of WPC wall cladding can be customized according to the manufacturer’s color card. Generally, there are about 8 colors to choose from, and the surface of WPC wall cladding can also be pressed with wood grain, so that it looks more beautiful after installation.

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Advantages of WPCwall cladding:

WPC wall panel is waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, but relatively speaking, the service life of this kind of product will be longer than that of solid wood. The biggest feature of wood-plastic wall cladding is waterproof, moisture-proof, and insect-proof. It effectively solves the problem of easy decay and expansion and deformation after absorbing water and damp in humid and watery environments, so that it can be used in environments where traditional wood products cannot be used.

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Specifications and女警官幕墙玻璃的价格2022世界杯b组:

The specifications of WPC Wall cladding are different for each manufacturer, generally 156X21mm, 136x21mm, 219X26mm, 177X28mm, ETC. This specification mainly refers to the width and thickness. The length is generally 2.2m, 2.9m, 3m, 4m, 5.4m, which can be cut according to the needs of customers.

墙claddin WPC的2022世界杯b组价格g is also different for each manufacturer. The quality of raw materials determines the price of WPC wall, and wall cladding is divided into hollow and solid, and the hollow cladding is generally cheaper than the solid one. Take 156X21mm as an example, its price per square meter is 13-16 dollars or so.

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Lifetime of WPC wall cladding :

The service life of WPC wall cladding is also different. Some manufacturers’ materials are relatively poor, and they are easy to fade or be damaged after 1-2 years. HANMING’s products are all first-class raw materials. Antioxidants and UV agents are added to the products. , generally the service life of HANMING’s WPC wall cladding is about 20 years. Of course, this is based on the correct installation. The WPC material has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, so a certain gap should be maintained at the joint of the two boards.

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Does the installation of wood plastic wall panels need joists and accessories? The answer is yes. Before installing the wall panels on the wall, you first need to install the keel on the wall. Of course, the material of the keel can be WPC or steel.Then the wall panels are installed on the keel by fasteners or screws.Due to the characteristics of WPC thermal expansion and cold contraction, it is also necessary to maintain a gap of a few millimeters at the joint of the two wall panels.