Outdoor plastic wood wall board is a kind of green material, which can play the role of safety care. It has a strong waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and strong plasticity.In the traditional wooden wall board, although the quality is also good, but there are many disadvantages, such as poor crack resistance and tide resistance performance, now the use of outdoor plastic wood wall board can be regarded as the inheritance of the wood wall board era, belongs to the new era of products, it is worth recommending to everyone.

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Wood-plastic wall board itself is a superior performance of the material, even if it is not perishable this point, but also a lot of wood products are not comparable to.


1 Eco-friendly made from recycled plasticsandwood Power.

2高度白蚁resistant, waterproof.

3面板like finishforanexcellentnon-slip feel.

4 Nostainingor painting required.

5 Water and corrosionresistant,alkali-proof, moth-proof,stainable and malleable, low pollution risk and气味-free.

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Which style of WALL CLadding is the most popular recently?

we think our 219X26mm WPC great wall cladding is popular in 2022.it is capped wall cladding.

219mm is its width, and 26mm is its thickness, the length can follow customers’s demand.Our WPC wall panels are made of high-density polyethylene and hardwood fiber. It has good stability and strength compared to wood. WPC wall panels will not crack and distortion. It’s suitable for the external wall.

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219X26mm composite wall cladding from Changxing Hanming Technology co.,ltd

What is WPCco-extrusion wall cladding? Co-extrusion is acapped wood plastic composite, which means it has an advanced premium shield encasing all four sides around its inner core. 360 degree complete capped protection is called capped wpc, It maintains the pleasant outlook for years to come with very low maintenance, save your time and money as much as possible.With its appearance and affordable price, co-extrusion WPC wallcladdingis become more and more popular.

219X26mm wpc wall cladding

合成幕墙玻璃了of wood plastic composite material

219X26mm Co-extrusion wpc wall panel is not only used in outdoor garden landscape engineering but also the new favorite of this year’s home improvement project. The personal home improvement project is generally used for balcony, rooftop, garden, and other panels, which is both beautiful and comfortable.

Whether it is the hotel, exhibition hall and other public buildings, or residential home decoration, its wall, ceiling, background wall, landscape decoration, All of them can use 219x26mm composite wall cladding.

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Great WPC wall cladding is also popular for its easy installation.

Construction process is: check the wall—Clean up the wall—-install joists on the wall —Install the Great Wall board.

Before the construction, first check the cleanliness of the wall,check the wall if it is smooth and flat,If the surface has a lot of uneven places or a lot of stains, it is necessary to clean the wall first before construction.If the wall has uneven and other defects, it is necessary to make the wall flat first, and make sure the wall is completely dry before the next construction, at the same time, if there are stains need to be wiped clean.

Install WPC or steel or wood joist on the wall, and keep the distance between the keel at about 350mm–400mm.

Using air nails or stainless steel screws to fix the Great Wall panel to the keel, and then the second Great Wall panel is placed in the groove of the first Great Wall panel, like this, the Great Wall plate installation is completed.

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