Our WPC decking Projects | Projects by wood Plastic composite materials

Many outdoor projects can use wood plasticcompositematerials. A lot of customers in different countries have given good comments after purchasing our products and using them.For us, our customers have achieved good results using our products in outdoor and indoor engineering, which is a great thing for our company.

2022世界杯b组decking Projectin Malaysia,Our Clients use150X25mm Co-extrusion decking.

WPC decking Project in Malaysia

One of our Customers from Sydney who Purchase 138X23mm Hollow decking for balcony.the clients are very satisfied for the Projects.

WPC decking project in Sydney

UK Clients purchased the WPC decking for his Coffee House project

UK wpc Decking project

Vietnam Customer import the Deep embossed WPC decking , the wood textures looks perfect.

vietnam composite decking

Indian client from Mumbai bought hollow decking and used them on the balconies of the villas.

india wpc decking project from mumbai

Michal, a Poland customer, bought our wood plastic decking and used it in tourist scenic spots.

Poland wood grain wpc decking

One of our customers Named Peter from New Zealand bought 140x25mm Solid WPC Decking and install the decking for Hotel Plaza Project.

decking for hotel

Wood Plastic material can be applied to more than these projects.Such as the Pavilion and Pergola in the park, They are still very popular in many countries in Southeast Asia.Some projects that want to use new materials,Many contractors are also turning to WPC.

china pavilion made of wpc 1

Wood plastic material has improved durability over its alternatives. This type of decking is designed to be durable , which make it resistant to lots of the factors that usually reduce the life of decking.

Rail of china

If you’re looking for high-quality WPC decking options, then you need to find a Supplier to provide you with the best products today.

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